Ready to Get Started

Hi everyone!

We’re Kirstin and Angie, postgraduate creative writing students at the University of Glasgow.

We’re excited to announce our ‘Night of Creativity‘ an event filled with music, art, and stories at Lerwick’s Mareel Auditorium on the Shetland Islands this April.

We chose Shetland because of its natural beauty and its close-knit creative community. We think it’s the perfect place to explore the meaning of home.

The day will begin with a teen writing workshop, where we’ll guide local students on storytelling through prose and poetry.

In the evening, we’ll host the ‘Night of Creativity’ which will feature readings and interviews of renowned writers from the around the world, music performed by local Shetland musicians, and of course the presentation of the kids’ creative work.

And our journey doesn’t end after this night.

We’re collecting the stories read at the event into a literary anthology.

The night will be filled with food, fun, stories, music, and tons of creative energy! Hope to see you there.

Shetland’s Night of Creativity is a teen writing workshop and literary event filled with stories, music, food and dance hosted in Lerwick, Scotland at Shetland’s Mareel Auditorium on 2 April, 2016 by University of Glasgow students Kirsten Boswell and Angie Spoto. Follow us on Twitter @ShetlandCreate.

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