So…why Shetland?

Hi there! This is my first blog post for our event but it’s also my first blog post ever!

If you’ve already had a look around our fabulous blog and Twitter pages (how talented is my co-host?!) you’ll know our main theme is home.

So…why home?

I don’t know about you but I can spend all day staring at a blank page, and all the words and dictionaries in the world cannot put a word on the page. This is something all writers can relate to. We need inspiration. The words and stories we tell have to come from somewhere. But where? Thankfully, there is a place that we can all go to for inspiration. A place where writers, no matter where they’re from, can go to to create their masterpiece: Home.

Kirsten Blog Post 4

Even if that bare piece of paper has haunted you for days, if I asked you to describe your home I bet you could put pen to paper. A story, good or bad, would appear on your page. It may not be the place you were born but wherever you call home, share it with us. Come along to our event and share and be inspired by all the places of Home.

Now, why Shetland?

Shetland is my home. It’s not where I live now but it’s my home. It’s in a place called Voe, in a white house tucked in-between hills with the Atlantic Ocean touching the front garden.

Kirsten Blog Post 2

There are so many reasons why this place is special:

  • Otters and seals following me while I walk my dog
  • The pier, which is home to a particularly aggressive Tern
  • The ocean freezing as far out as the eye can see
  • A small shack in the middle of the Voe which is home to a lone man.

This place is my home and, whether it was for a university assignment, or a description in a novel, you’d be amazed how many times I’ve used it as inspiration.

Kirsten Blog Post

Shetland, the wildlife, the landscape, the old traditions, or the close community, is a place unlike any other. Join us for our event and discover what makes this place special and how it can inspire you.

In future blogs I’ll post more photos and write about how Shetland can inspire anyone, but most importantly you, to pick up your pen and write.


Shetland Create is a teen writing workshop and literary event filled with stories, music, food and ceilidh dance hosted in Lerwick, Scotland at Shetland’s Mareel Auditorium on 2 April, 2016 by University of Glasgow students Kirsten Boswell and Angie Spoto. Follow us on Twitter @ShetlandCreate.

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