Meet Sally Huband, Shetland Writer

In preparation for our teen writing workshop and Shetland’s Night of Creativity, we’re getting to know a few local creatives. First up is Sally Huband, a non-fiction writer whose work has touched upon the theme of home (and how to feel at home in a new place).

Sally Huband

Aith on Shetland’s westside is now my home but I grew up in England surrounded by woodlands and river valleys. I’m inspired by the wildlife, people and landscapes of Shetland and write narrative non-fiction on the theme of learning to feel at home in an unfamiliar environment (see Relict Tree published in the Island Review and the Song of the Shetland Wren published in Zoomorphic).

shetland creative quote

I’m currently working on a series of essays, longer pieces of writing all linked by Shetland which explore the themes of drift, migration and rootedness. In 2014 I was selected to write a nature diary for BBC Wildlife Magazine and my blog, Rain Geese and Selkies, was awarded Highly Commended in this publication’s 2015 Blogger Awards. It is through blogging that I have deepened my connection to Shetland, to the extent that it now feels like home.

Thanks for sharing a bit about what inspires you, Sally! We’re looking forward to meeting more Shetland folks in the coming weeks.

Shetland Create is a teen writing workshop and literary event filled with stories, music, food and ceilidh dance hosted in Lerwick, Scotland at Shetland’s Mareel Auditorium on 2 April, 2016 by University of Glasgow students Kirsten Boswell and Angie Spoto. Follow us on Twitter @ShetlandCreate.

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