Meet Chris Cope, Shetland Writer & Musician

In preparation for Shetland Create’s teen writing workshop and Night of Creativity, we’re getting to know a few local creatives. Today we learn a bit about Chris Cope, a reporter for Shetland News and musician.

I’m a journalist currently living in Gulberwick after being raised in the gloriously wild norths of Hillswick, with a seven-year stint in Glasgow in the middle of it all.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 22.17.32.png

My time is spent working as a music writer and a reporter for Shetland News. My life ranges from interviewing famed musicians and penning features to covering stories that matter to Shetland and its people.

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The compelling challenge of finding the perfect or most imaginative word or phrase to describe something is one of my biggest motivations when writing. You need the reader to feel that emotion inside them, to hear that sound, to taste those flavours.

Outside of writing, I play the bass guitar in a number of bands, including pop-rockers Trookers and comedy-rock meets jazz-folk group Big Time Quell.


Home for me has always been Shetland, although during my mainland years I never really anticipated moving back. Being marooned in the city, however, made the heart yearn for something a little more serene.

I’ve always been impressed by the lofty levels of creativity in Shetland. Perhaps it’s the inspiring, striking environment, or the cold, crepuscular winters forcing locals to look within themselves and channel their imagination.

Learn more about Chris via his Twitter @chrismcope, and check out a new music blog, Music Mends Minds, he has created with his girlfriend.

Shetland Create is a teen writing workshop and literary event filled with stories, music, food and ceilidh dance hosted in Lerwick, Scotland at Shetland’s Mareel Auditorium by University of Glasgow students Kirsten Boswell and Angie Spoto. Follow us on Twitter @ShetlandCreate. 

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