Natalie Reid

October’s yawning sky,
Sighs in the glint of the gloaming;
A cloudless expanse, simmering soft.
Molten rock ablaze.

And still, water stirs in their wake.
Winged lengths of yarn needle,
Stitching, through oceanic air;
Iodine kelp, interlaced.

A thousand moth’s flutter,
In the deception of distance.
Ardent and steadfast;
An unswerving union.

Yet thran craiters approach,
Swimming synchronized,
Pink footed and black hooded.
Skeins of dancing geese.

Rest, at last, in the viridian,
Let loch and land nourish.
Settle, dwell and bide a while,

Hjemme (Danish) Hiema (Icelandic) Hame (Doric), at home.
Thran craiters (Doric), stubborn creatures.

‘Natalie Reid is a visual artist, illustrator and emerging creative writer from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, based in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Her practice has developed alongside a fascination for folklore, traditional customs and the profound relationship that we share with the natural world.  Through her writing, she endeavours to express her own connection to changing landscapes and natural rhythms, breathing verve into poetic storytelling.  Her north east hame, her Doric mother tongue and a magnetism for dialectal and linguistic variation, are a rich source of motivation for her poetry and prose.’

Photo credit: Eunice Chung

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