Finola Scott

Wayside berries with cloud thick cream,
reesit mutton and amber carrot,
floury potatoes fluffed with emerald
spring onion.
And ever the butter
shining, golden, glistening flavoured
by summer sun.
Juicy black pudding served up
with bannocks
– lazy weekend breakfast.
And fish
bronzed battered better than any chip shop
was always for Friday.
To pick us up yellow country eggs frothed
with cream – of course,
a wee splash of whisky for good measure
golden peaty. But the less said
about demi-johns
of sloe gin and rhubarh wine
the better.

The original version of this poem was published in Far Off Places.

Finola Scott’s poems and short stories are widely published in anthologies and magazines including The Ofi Press, Raum, Dactyl, The Lake. She is pleased to be mentored this year on the Clydebuilt Scheme by Liz Lochead. A performance poet, she is proud to be a slam-winning granny.

Photo credit: Angie Spoto

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