Jessica Spoto

Love resting beneath their hearts, minds, souls
Veins flooded with distant memories
Growing old in their ways
Forever hopeful
Forever lost

Days turn into jaded patterns
Back and forth into their weary lives
One step
Two steps
Three steps
Add up to the harmony of others

Surrounding themselves with life
Full of the sun that beats down on their unconscious being
Their place for which they stay
Is not only deep inside their brain
But buried beneath their endless thoughts

Home is where the heart is
They would say
The heart is where their home is…always

I believe that home does not only exist within a physical place but more so within a person’s heart. I have lived in various places within my life and what I have taken from that is how one can feel comfortable within their own self rather than physically being somewhere. I have been writing poems since I was young, for 12 years, and this is one of the most enjoyable topics I have ever wrote, probably because of its meaning. I am a 20 year old poet who not only lives here and there but also lives within herself.

Photo credit: Eunice Chung

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