Master Builder

Mairi Murphy

My last full glance of Georgian Inverary:
austere, whitewashed, imposed.
Given notice to go, but not quite ready
on the single track bridge, I can wait

Where the tide flows into Loch Shira
I stand, uprooted, after four generations,
my cottage workshop demolished
no more production of fine sons

Uniformed garrison town,
I want no part of you
you want no part of me, spoiling
the view from your castle

I bury my cooking pot in your Fyne Bridge wall
use my craftsmanship to give
something for seeking generations
to place me here, my ancestral home.

Mairi is currently in the process of completing an MLitt in Creative Writing from Glasgow University. Her poems have been published in New Writing Scotland, From Glasgow to Saturn and by Red Raw Press. She was recently awarded the Alastair Buchan Prize for poetry, for which three of her poems were shortlisted. She has worked as a Radiographer in various local hospitals. Initially involved in Creative Writing with Larry Butler in the Glasgow Maggie Centre, she is a passionate advocate of the power of the written word to aid healing and recovery. Full time writer, mother of four.

Photo credit: Angie Spoto

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