Sufficient Place (Huntly Street, Canonmills)

Jane Goldman

labyrinth home once of a printer now
where the launderette winks at an actuarial
firm once it was loch water enough
for a sea serpent to swim with some
understanding of confusion enough
for a party (if you don’t like noise go
live in the country) the clock in the road
made to move its stones a token cigarette
earrings that match the blue necklace
for a summer silence see all our silver
lines wind in see them fly out like morning
a girl glimpsed in turquoise and gold cloaked
at the door another with planets in her hair
settles to the back of the twenty-three
bus at the baker’s stop a boy with egg
white in his hair enough beads and stars
there’s always some glass she said gets broken
at a party it glints under fading street
light enough among these leaves and birds
for the wet pavement the roads still winding

Jane Goldman is a thing of phan-fan and likes anything that a word can do. She lives in Edinburgh but her heart belongs to Staffin. Her poetry has appeared in Scree, Textualities, InterLitQ and other magazines. Border Thoughts (Sufficient Place, 2014) is her first collection (“a little theatrical box of spectacle and light […] the living underworld of Brecht’s Threepenny Opera translated into raucous girlish post-war wayward ways”–Lisa Jeschke). Jane Goldman is Reader in English Literature at the University of Glasgow, where she lectures on modernism & the avant-garde, poetry & poetics, gender, sexuality, & feminism.  She is a General Editor of the Cambridge University Press Edition of the Writings of Virginia Woolf.

Photo credit: Angie Spoto

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