White Goods

Derek Parkes

A fridge that bears the
sticking reminders
of a hundred days out

A cooker that wears the
sticky reminders
of a thousand fried eggs

A washing machine
that sucked the colours
from designer pullovers

A tumble dryer
that took those pullovers
and shrunk them

A freezer containing
frozen packages
of fats and preservatives

A microwave
that makes those packages
come to life

And a kettle
that boils noisily and says
‘Welcome home’

Selected for the Scottish Book Trust Anthology ‘Stories of Home’

Originally a short-story writer, Derek discovered poetry by accident in 2010 after enrolling for the wrong class at Glasgow Uni.  Since then he’s hardly written anything else. A regular on the ‘live’ poetry circuit, he performs monthly at The Rio Café and anywhere else that will give him a stage, and has headlined at The Rio and Tchai Ovna. He is a director of the Scottish Writers’ Centre and is currently studying for the MLitt.

Photo credit: Eunice Chung

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